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First News July 19, through July 26, 2014

What a Great Week!  Heartland Traveling Camp

Heartland Traveling Camp welcomed 35 children for a wonderful week of fun, fellowship and learning.  Special thanks to the counselors from the Heartland Center, (Bekah, Megan, Tyler & Keely).  Special thanks to all the folks from First who contributed their time and gifts. 

Congregational Gathering, July 27, 10:15

The Session of our church will hold a Congregational Gathering on July 27, 10:15 am.  A light brunch will be offered by the Deacons.  Folks are encouraged to bring a breakfast/brunch item to share, such as fruit, pastries.  Deacons will provide breakfast/brunch casseroles. 

The purpose of this gathering is to share information regarding the work of the four Ministry Pillars of the church; Worship, Discipleship, Mission and Congregational Life.  The Congregational Life Finance Team will offer a close look of the stewardship and financial life of our church.  The Nomination Team of the Congregation will also share information.  Information and questions regarding our relationship with First Light will be addressed.

Pastor’s Class, July 20

At the 10:15 am Discipleship Time Pastor Koch will be leading a discussion on the four Scripture Readings for Sunday Worship.  Our Common Lectionary that we use for Sunday Worship has four lessons for the day.  The morning message focus on the most part, on one lesson.  But, how do the other three impact our understanding of the message?  How can we dig deeper into these passages and apply them to our daily life?  These questions and more will guide our morning study.

There will be no pastor’s class on July 27.

Pastor Koch will be taking a few days off in the week of July 21, and also in the first week of August.

PW Safe Home Bags

Presbyterian Women are preparing cloth bags filled with personal care items for residents of Safe home. Please return all filled bags by Sunday, August 3rd.

PW needs old but useable mattress pads to make sleeping mats for the homeless.  If you have any we can use, please see Alice Rollf.